The Carrick Knot

Diagram shows how the family relate

The Carrick family was a pretty well established farming and manufacturing family in Yorkshire and there are wills from at least the mid 1700s to confirm many relationships.

For a time, it was believed there were two exclusive Carrick families in the Vincent family tree and this has since been refuted, but to understand it, one needs to understand how the two families come together.

George Carrick (1788 - abt. 1860) and Sophia Porter (1792 - 1818) had at least three children:

1. George Carrick (1815-1815), possible twin of Henry, died in infancy.

2. Irena Carrick (1813-1876)
m. John Rodmell (1808-1880)
* William
* Sophia
* John
* Alfred
* Robert
* George Henry
* Peter
* Abraham

3. Henry Carrick (1815-1900)
m. Martha Beaumont (1819-1870) in 1838.
* Salina
* Phoebe
* Samuel
* Sophia
* Martha
* John Henry
* Emma
* James Beaumont

George Henry Rodmell, the son of Irena Carrick and John Rodmell, married Sophia Carrick, the daughter of Henry Carrick and Martha Beaumont. This was a first cousin marriage as Irena and Henry were siblings and technically George and Sophia's in-laws were already their aunts and uncles.

For any descendant of this union, you will find you have a father and mother repeating as grandfather and grandmother across both a maternal and paternal line. This is not mistake. However, it can appear as one, especially if you are looking at a fan chart of ancestors or an "ahnen" system for numbering generations and their relationship to one another.

Written by RJ Vincent. 17 Jan 2021